Lynn A. Drake, MD

Lynn A. Drake, MD has served as President of AAD and WDS. She was selected as a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow and Congressional Fellow, sponsored by the National Academy of Medicine. She worked in the Senate Leadership Office of Kansas Senator Bob Dole.

Dr. Drake has received many awards for her service including the Bergfeld Award for Vision and Leadership and the Rose Hirschler Award from WDS, the Legacy Award from WDS, the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine, and the Outstanding Alumnus Award from Adams State University.

Dr. Drake received her MD degree from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. She trained in dermatology at Emory University in Atlanta. Dr. Drake was Professor and Chair of Dermatology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. She served as Vice-Chair of the Department of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School where she founded and directed the Dermatology Clinical Investigation Unit.

Dr. Drake has authored over 130 Scientific articles including 48 Guidelines of Care for Dermatology. She is currently Director of Business Development, & Government, and Policy for the Wellman Center at Massachusetts General Hospital.