Perry Robins, MD

Perry Robins, MD is a dermatologist, pioneer and promoter of Mohs and dermatologic surgery. He established the first formal training program in Mohs surgery.

Dr. Robins grew up in New Jersey and was the first person in his family to attend college. With assistance from the GI Bill he was able to attend Heidelberg University School of Medicine in Germany and, after dermatology training at New York University, he set up practice at NYU.

Dr. Robins founded the International Society of Dermatologic Surgeons, the Skin Cancer Foundation, Dermatologic Surgery journal and the Journal of the Skin Cancer Foundation.

In his 40 years of practice he performed more than 47,000 Mohs surgeries. He has taught Mohs surgery in nearly 50 countries and in four languages.

At the time of his induction as many as 40 percent of fellowship trained Mohs surgeons can trace their training back to Dr. Robins. His trainees became the leaders who facilitated the rapid advance of Mohs and dermatologic surgery.