About the Dermatology Hall of Fame

The Dermatology Hall of Fame (DHoF) was established in January of 2017 to preserve the history of dermatology and celebrate the individuals who have contributed to and advanced the treatment of skin disease. The mission of DHoF is to promote education, celebrate achievements, and remember the history of dermatology.


The Dermatology Hall of Fame seeks to encourage education and facilitate learning about the profession of dermatology and the individuals who formed the profession.


By inducting members into the Dermatology Hall of Fame we continue to celebrate the individuals who have made important contributions to the field of dermatology.


DHoF emphasizes the history of the dermatology profession and remembering those who have made significant contributions to the advancements of skin disease treatment.

Board of Directors

  • C. William Hanke, MD, Chairperson
  • Diane Baker, MD
  • Wilma Bergfeld, MD
  • Roger Ceilley, MD
  • Clay Cockerell, MD
  • Lynn Drake, MD
  • Boni Elewski, MD
  • Joseph L. Jorizzo, MD
  • Daniel Siegel, MD

For more information about the Dermatology Hall of Fame, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our online contact form.